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Why All the Fuss?

Why do we make all of the fuss over the flour we use? Why close for an entire weekend and drive 200 miles to visit a flour mill? Why use flour that is so much more expensive, more of a challenge to get, more temperamental and generally harder to use?

Another way to ask this is, "Is your flour really so different that you can't just use what they have in the store if it's cheaper and easier?"

The short answer is "Yes." We are committed to bringing you bread that we stand behind and that has the highest quality possible. We are committed to only using grains that have a variety and depth of flavor and that bring you nourishment as bread aught to. Our mission is to bring you bread that nourishes both body and soul. We strive to do this through building relationships.

Relationships around the table.

Relationships with our customers.

Relationships with our flour mill.

Relationships with the grain farmers.

Relationships with other local vendors and farmers.

Relationships with the land.

Relationship with God and creation through work and prayer.

With the guiding principles of nourishment and relationship in mind, it becomes clear why we can't compromise on our flour. If we sacrifice flour, the foundation of all that we do, we are sacrificing everything. If we invest in flour that both nourishes and builds relationships, we are investing in everything we stand for. We are investing in you, our neighbors.

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