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A Manifesto

Bread is so much more than just the sum of it's ingredients.  While we take pride in using the finest sustainably grown, stone ground heritage grains, heirloom masas from small family farms and fleur de sel salt from the coast of Brittany in France, we know that this is not what makes good bread.

When bread is shared among family, friends and neighbors, it elevates the simple ingredients and timeless traditions to something truly Good.

Good bread is what is on the table when the family sits for dinner.  Good bread is what is offered to the new neighbor or the old friend.  Good bread is what is shared as stories are told.

In an age of increased productivity and efficiencies, it is important to be able to return to the truly human act of creating with your hands.  In breadmaking we take the approach of a Benedictine.  In a life of prayer and labor, bread making is a way to connect the two aspects of life.  To connect to God's creation by using the fruits of the earth, to labor and sacrifice to bring them to perfection and to offer prayers to God during and through the act.

Our Story

We started with a deep love of bread and a desire to create something REAL.  To offer bread made by hand and filled with soul.  To incorporate the Benedictine foundations or work and prayer into everyday life.  To build community around the table once again.

To make the best darn loaf of bread you've ever tasted!

Matt started baking in middle school.  After taking a cooking class he developed his first chocolate chip cookie recipe (which became a family favorite and much requested Christmas/birthday gift). 


After years of baking for family and friends, momentum grew and a small cottage bakery was formed.

With the opportunity to open a brick and mortar bakery, the St.Lezin family left California to plant new roots in Red Oak, Iowa where the Neighborhood Bakehouse openned its doors in 2023!

Specializing in artisan bread, Neighborhood Bakehouse is committed to the best in heritage and ancient grains as well as using sustainable local ingredients.

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