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What is tarragon?

Tarragon is a perennial, leafy green herb with a very aromatic and slightly anise/licorice flavor. It is commonly used with veal, lamb, poultry, seafood and egg dishes. It also pairs particularly well with acidic flavors like lemon and vinegar. It's great in salad dressings and is key in bearnaise sauce.


Tarragon is known as the "king of herbs" in France and is one of the four herbs in the "fines herbes" mixture along with chives, parsley and chervil.


This weekend we will have it featured in a new version of our focaccia. Rather than the usual round focaccia you've come to know, this week we'll feature it as a mini loaf. Don't worry though! It will still have the delightfully crispy crust you've come to expect and now with an incredibly soft crumb.


Come by and try! This new form of focaccia isn't replacing what we've been doing up through this point. We'll end up switching back and forth depending on what it's paired with. Tomato and basil for example are better suited to our round focaccia.

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