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Closed 5/24!

Updated: Jun 6

Hi everyone. What a week it's been! Because of last night's storm we won't be open today. I'll explain a bit because, as of now, it's all pretty well cleared up.

It's an 8 hour day for me BEFORE flicking on the open sign. That means I'm generally in the Bakehouse right around 2:15am to have everything wrapped up in time to open at 11. That means that things like severe storm warnings in the wee hours of the morning make it so there is no bread later in the day.

Long before our severe thunder storm warnings for Montgomery County started, Adri was getting texts from "Mom Chat" group from church. It seemed that Omaha had tornado sirens going off at 2am and that we would have the storm hit us about an hour later. Based on how the beginning of the week went, I stayed home. As the morning progressed (and Adri stayed glued to the chat as well as the weather reports) there were reports of power outages as a result of the 80 mile per hour winds that were part of the thunder storm.

When it finally made it to Red Oak, it was in fact a pretty substantial thunder storm. The children all woke up and I dozed in the rocking chair for a little while. By the time it was clear that we would NOT, in fact, be blown away I had fallen back asleep.

This is all a long way to say, there is no bread today. Sorry everyone! We'll be back tomorrow (though I assume a lot of you will be heading out of town for Memorial Day). If I don't see you have a great weekend.

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