Work, pray & bake bread.

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Ora et
et Panem

Tell me more!

Fresh baked from our family to yours.


Join the
Fresh Bake Club

Fresh bread delivered to your door or available to pick up at ours!


Breadmaker's Brunch

Host your own Breadmaker's Brunch event!  The joys of family, friends and fresh bread in your own home.


Come to an
Open House

Come join us for an open house.  We'll notify you when we have our next event.  This is a great way to try our bread if you're not able to join the Fresh Bake Club.

“Go then, and eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with gladness: because thy works please God.”

- Ecclesiastes 9:7

About Our Bakery

We started with a deep love of bread and a desire to create something REAL.  To offer bread made by hand and filled with soul.  To incorporate the Benedictine foundations or work and prayer into everyday life.  To build community around the table once again.

To make the best darn loaf of bread you've ever tasted!

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